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Tool & Die Making Services in Cleveland, OH

Call Custom Industries, Inc. for mold making, light assembly, & machining operations in North America. 216-251-2804

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Located in Cleveland Ohio and serving all of North America, Custom Industries, Inc. is your one stop shop
for die making, zinc die casting, prototype machining, light assembly, and more. Call 216-251-2804 Today.

Zinc Die Casting

Zinc is the most fluid of all alloys and because of its greater fluidity, die castings can be made thinner, more intricate, and more complex, eliminating the need for secondary operations. With less material being used in thin-wall applications, parts automatically become lighter, creating savings in material cost and energy—when melting and recycling. Zinc castings can be made to look like solid gold, weathered brass, stainless steel, and even leather. Because of zinc’s density, cast zinc parts provide a feel of substance and durability that simply cannot be matched. Call 216-251-2804 today for more information!

Full Die Making Services in Cleveland, Ohio


Custom Industries, Inc. invests in and employs the most powerful machine tools in the industry. We have a vast inventory of machining equipment and turning centres. Along with using exceptional technology, we ensure complete quality assurance at each step of the machining and tool making process. When working with us, you can expect rapid turnarounds and accuracy. We execute tool making for zinc casting and milling, and turn small run aluminum parts.

Mold and Die Making in Cleveland, Ohio

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a powerful manufacturing method. Machine tools are computer-operated, making it possible to devise the most intricate products accurately and more promptly. We perform on-site CNC machining and 3D printing. These automated machines are perfect for feature modification and manufacturing complex parts, edges, and angles which are nonviable using traditional die casting molds. Increase productivity with Custom Industries, Inc.’s CNC precision manufacturing work. Call us today!

Local Die Cutting & Die Making Company in Cleveland, OH

Prototype and Design

We offer unfailing solutions for the development and full production of new products. If you have a project that requires a production-quality prototype part, look no further than Custom Industries, Inc. Using traditional manufacturing methods such as CNC machining, turning, and milling, we can turn your design into a prototype. We deliver to you an exact part, made from the correct material that can be used for form studies, fit-checks, and functional testing. Working with your print, we can machine prototypes from many types of metal, including steel, zinc and copper. If you have something that needs to be made, contact us today.

Prototype and Design

Light Assembly

Custom Industries, Inc. leads Cleveland Ohio’s local high-pressure die casting industry. We deliver a wide selection of top quality die casting services for lighting parts. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, we manufacture parts for industry-specific lighting requirements including fixtures, light bulb guards, and outdoor lighting housings. For inquiries onlight assembly, call 216-251-2804 today!

Light Assembly


Our experienced custom designers bring you unparalleled design functionality with instinctive solutions by SOLIDWORKS®. The intuitive design interface and integrated software work allow us to offer the following:

  • 3D CAD and 3D Experience
  • Visualization
  • Simulation
  • Product Data Management
  • Electrical Design

CAM using CAMWorks®

CAMWorks® promotes physics-based toolpath machining. The software is designed to maximize efficiency through a seamless and fully integrated interface. The goal is to eliminate time-consuming CAM rework through smarter programming. CAMWorks® offers:

  • True Associative Machining
  • Faster Machining Time
  • Improved Customization & Setup Time
CAM using CAMWorks®

Finished Product Design

Die casting is a fundamental procedure in manufacturing products, be it gadgets, office equipment, automotive parts, appliances, light fixtures, gym equipment, or any hardware. Industries prefer die making and machining because these enable them to go creative with their designs with the capacity to manufacture and duplicate intricate parts and finished products at excellent speed and an outstanding level of precision. Custom Industries, Inc.’s advanced die casting techniques are made to fulfill client specifications efficiently.

Finished Product Design

Our Machines

  • 100 Ton Zinc Die Cast Machine
    Platen size of 24x16 inches and shot size of 2.5 lbs.
  • 100 Ton Zinc Die Cast Machine
    Platen size of 20 x 15 inches and shot size of 2.5 lbs.
  • CNC Lathe
    Capacity of 17 x 45 inches
  • CNC Bed Milling Machine
    Table size of 50 x 10 inches and a xyz of 31x17x25 in. Total capacity of 1,000 lbs.
  • Vertical Milling Machine
    With digital readout (DRO)
  • Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)
    Overall capability of 24 x 10 x 12 inches
  • Surface Grinder
    12x8x16 inch capacity
  • Tool and Cutter Grinder
  • Horizontal Band Saw
  • Lead Screw Tapping Machine
    Tap size of 1/4-1/2 inch
  • Barrel Tumbling System
    1,000 lbs. Capacity
  • Lift Truck
    2,500 lbs. capacity
  • Fusion3 F410
    Build plate 14 x 14 x 12

Custom Industries, Inc. serves Cleveland, Ohio and all of North America. We operate Mondays to Fridays at 9:00AM to 4:00PM. For a dependable mold making and machining operations, call 216-251-2804 today!